Where is that annual productivity calendar?
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I'm looking for a printable calendar template. A while ago I saw one on a productivity blog somewhere but darn... didn't bookmark. The one I saw was a non-traditional yearly (monthly?) planner type.

It may have been an excel template or similar. It was a vertical calendar that looked sort of like a list, not the traditional rectangular month with boxes. I need to put more than one month on a page. Even a printable pdf will work - I don't need downloadable software or anything. I'll be using it for staff scheduling and planning ad campaigns. It doesn't have to have a lot of space to write, just enough room for a first name. The ability to print quarterly per page or 6 months per page would be ideal. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I could create one in excel but the one I remember was already in a great format. thanks!
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Could it be this one? I tried it once for a couple of days, but wasn't really sold. Interesting concept, though.
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Lifehacker is a productivity site that mentions Dave Seath's calendar (from Bearded Dave's reply) every year.
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Response by poster: Hmm - that does look a lot like it but I thought there was a different layout for notes. But it will give me somewhere to start if I have to create my own. It's very similar to what I need. Maybe my memory is hazy and the reason I didn't bookmark it is because it it didn't have boxes to write in :-) Thanks!
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Best answer: Time and Date has a calendar generator with lots of layout options.
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Response by poster: ooh - that isn't the one I remember but it's perfect, I can customize a list-style easily. Thanks SO much!
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If you have MS Office, there are an enormous number of free calendar templates available on MS's templates site. I used them every year for my printable calendar stuff.
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