Legality to mail US consumer vegetable seed packets to Kenya?
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Are there any export restrictions (or whatnot) regarding me (a US non-business entity) sending a bunch of packages of consumer vegetable-garden seeds to a foreign country (Kenya) as a gift? I'm sure there are some restrictions on receiving foreign seeds, but.. outgoing?

A gentleman I met in Kenya last year (having been there myself) has requested a number of seed packets be sent to his rural/slum community. Would I be breaking some US export law (or Kenya import.. hmm) by sending them?
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Seeds don't seem to be on the list of prohibited items to import into the country according to their customs department. Do note that they restrict things that are genetically engineered, but I don't think most seeds you buy in stores are engineered strains.
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Response by poster: It does appear there aren't any noteable import restrictions on their end, although the question still remains about export restrictions stateside.
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