Where is Woody Allen?
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I just watched the Golden Globe Awards show and Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona won the Golden Globe for best movie (musical or comedy). Except only a bunch of producers and Penelope Cruz went on the stage, tens of people were thanked and nobody, nobody ever mentioned Woody Allen's name. WTF?
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I think at the very end somebody said, "...and of course, Woody.".

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pilibeen in correct. He was the last person thanked.
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He was famous for not going to the Academy Awards when Annie Hall won best picture. The awards were on Tuesday night, when he had a standing gig to play clarinet at a club in New York whose name I can't remember.

This may or may not be related.
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I wasn't sure I had heard correctly "...and of course Woody" because it sounds like such and understatement: after all, the guy only wrote it and directed it, right? During the evening we have heard multiple times about Bardem, Johansson, Hall, Cruz. Is it really business as usual not to name a famous and legendary director?
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In some circles, being the last to be mentioned is the highest honour of all those mentioned...
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I figure, he isn't there, he isn't big on awards, anything you say about him to thank HIM for the the award HE basically just won is a fairly gross understatement, so why bother trying? Joe Beeses of the world aside, everyone knows whose movie it is.
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awards are for people who want awards. You can't give them to people who don't want them, at least not smoothly. The power of an award is in the person receiving it being excited to get a piece of paper or a little statuette, and if they aren't, then the award deflates - you need the recipient to get all stephen colbert-ed out about it, hyped up about how awesome it is that they're nominated, and disappointed if they don't get it.

If Allen is going to skip the ceremony for his regularly scheduled jazz gig or whatever, then they aren't going to make him the focus of the award either. THere are other people who put a lot of work into the movie who do care about winning.
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Maybe Penelope figured that Woody Allen has already talked about himself enough for 10,000 awards shows.
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"Michael's Pub" is where Woody's clarinet gig is.
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Best Picture, at least at the Oscars, is awarded to the movie's producers, not its director. I assume it is the same with the Globes.
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