I need stationary!
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Help me find an economical, customized stationary and business card service.

I've decided to get business cards and personalized stationary. Here are my needs:
  • Containing very little information - basically my name, e-mail, phone number and one URL.
  • Black (or black and another color) on white or ivory - no pictures are necessary
  • Clean, modern look
  • Business cards and flat cards for writing notes, preferably with envelopes included.
  • Prefer an online card designer or preview, but I can design them myself if I have to.
  • Low quantity: 50 - 100 business cards and 20-30 stationary cards
  • I'd like to keep the price low but I'm willing to pay more for an independent designer or the like.
  • Available online or in the DC area.
Any recommendations?
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I was quite happy with designyourowncard.com

I paid about $35 for 500 cards (far far more than I need, but I seem to recall that as their minimum), including shipping. I got classic black raised ink on an ivory heavy card stock surface, with a small icon, and like it a lot. I get compliments on them.

The catch is that you do actually design them yourself, so you've got to put a little thought and graphic design work into it. I was unhappy with various places that let you semi-customize cards and offered you a limited selection cheap or free, so this was not a negative for me.
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Protip: It's spelled "stationery", which should help improve your online searches (if only slightly).
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Best answer: VistaPrint. I've used them at cash conscious start-ups, and for my own personal cards.
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Response by poster: ellF: Thanks. I'd been eyeing VistaPrint for their free sample business cards, but was worried they might come out bad. Needed a little independent verification before I took the plunge. I've ordered them, and we'll see how it goes.
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I think the free cards from VistaPrint have an VistaPrint logo on the back. You probably want the $20 cards, which I have been happy with.
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