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I have to redesign a horribly convoluted frames based site with no frames. This is a Good Thing. One problem - there's a small block that has to use (for reasons I have no control over) it's own stylesheet, completely independant of the main CSS (that is, the content will be independant - the block itself has to be sized and placed using the site CSS...). And it has to be inside a larger block level element that will take the site CSS. Is there a way to stop the CSS cascading, or reset every property of the block, or do I have to manually reset each inheritable property separately?
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Even your worst case scenario doesn't sound too bad here. Sure, most properties inherit, but having to set

#independantblock {

#independantblock a {

doesn't seem that trying to me. Or am I missing something?
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I think you can get away with this:

#independentblock * {
reset defaults

to reset any properties that apply to everything inside. Not sure if that's helpful or not, but it would at least let you shut off all padding, margin , borders and whatever else you didn't want inherited.
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does the "*" work in CSS, in all the usual browsers?
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Yes, the * does work. Eric Meyer's been talking about interesting CSS tricks--try using a stylesheet with nothing but this in it:

* {display: block;}

It'll reveal all the HEAD elements, fun stuff like that.
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Unfortunately, since the "clear" property pushes a block below all floated blocks - not just those in the parent element - you can't reliably use CSS for templates when the nested content may have its own styles. Use tables.

(I would love to be proven wrong about this!)
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Nicwolff-- Check out this test page. I think you're wrong. It's not pretty, and may not do what you want, but the clearing effect does appear to happen within the parent--it doesn't clear everything.
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Nope, the "clear: right" block there clears past all "float: right" blocks, whether they're in the parent div or not. Here's an example of the problem as it arises trying to do a two-column template with CSS, in which arbitrary content might come from a data store.

I've just done a site in which the client was (ah, bliss!) dedicated to an all-CSS layout and I regretfully had to revert to tables for the main three-column template because any "clear" attributes in the content blew up the columns. I think this is a serious flaw in CSS, and as I said I'd love to find a way around it without tables.
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