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I'm looking for music that features really good stutter processing of vocal sounds (any really good stuttering of other sounds is welcome too, but I'm especially interested in vocals). Benchmark tracks would be Trentemoller's Moan, Modeselektor's 2000007, Funkstörung's Fat Camp Feva, Ellen Allien's Sehnsucht, and Look at Me by Villeneuve.

Bonus question: Someone once told me there was an autechre track where they start with a kick drum and glitch it until it reaches audio rates, then play a melody... what is that called?
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Stay Fly- Three 6 Mafia
posted by bradly at 11:19 AM on January 10, 2009

I think Bingo Bango by Basement Jaxx might work. I'm not positive it was done digitally, but it may have been.
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Find Chris de Luca's contribution to the Shotgun Wedding series.

I'm not sure which Autechre track you'd mean, but they were fairly influential in bringing that kind of vocal processing into modern electronic music. IIRC, the first track on the Envane EP is a good example.
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DJ Hidden - Where's the Score? (Evol Intent remix) has a fantastic stutter at the breakdown. Also, look up BT's post-ESCM work.
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also: Suliman-Infected Mushroom
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Blur's Me White Noise, the hidden track on 2003's Think Tank, has an awesome stutter section in the chorus. There's alternate version on youtube, too, that has the same thing.
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Modeselektor's Dancing Box (featuring the ever-weird TTC) comes to mind.
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Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy of the Lost (Bo$$ in Drama Remix)
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Lassigue Bendthaus did this a lot (using custom software) on their/his glitched-out-70s-pop-cover album Pop Artificielle. That Sad Steve site you linked to has a few tracks (try "Angie").
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Amon Tobin - Verbal

Full album of remixes.
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A lot of Soft Pink Truth's music uses stutter effects, and not just for vocals - one good example is their remix of Bjork - In Our Hands (vocals processed from about 2 minutes in).

Si Begg also likes the stutter sound.
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Oh, and forgot - Pilooski does a lot of dance re-edits of old tunes, often stuttering the vocals in the process - Can't There Be Love is an extreme example.
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Front 242 did this way back when with pretty much everything on their 05:22:09:12 Off album (sometimes called Evil Off). "Animal" would be the take-away track.
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Late in the day, but I highly recommend Akufen's My Way. The few fast tracks use stuttering, cut-up vocals to great effect.
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