Help me find A.Y. Jackson's proposed image for the Canadian flag.
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I may have my citizenship revoked, or perhaps I will lose my google priveleges, but...please help if you can, fellow mefites. I am looking for an image of A.Y. Jackson's proposed image for the Canadian flag. A wee bit more in the ol' inside...

I am thinking of a tattoo…and I feel rather patriotic about my home and native land (which is of course, another reason I may have my citizenship revoked!) but would like a slightly different take on the leaf. I love the group of seven and A.Y. Jackson in particular. He submitted a design for the flag in ’67 and I have seen it here and there…I love it, but I can’t find a decent image of it. Anyone?
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Best answer: is this it?
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Is this one any better? I think that the three leaf one is by Beddoe according to that book. It's called the Pearson Pennant and here's a more GIF-y but bigger version.
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Best answer: Here's another version, slightly different colors, also called "The Bow-Tie Banner."
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Here, near the bottom of the page.

This book?

Possibly in this videoclip?

Very much like this

AYJ's second suggestion?!
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Response by poster: Wow thanks folks...I thought I had read that his first design was like Martin's guitar, with the waves across the top and bottom, not along the right and left. It appears my memory is fuzzy, or whoever I wrote what I read was wrong. I also did not realize that the "Pearson Pennant" was actually Jackson's design.

Thanks for the images you guys...Once again, I *heart* mefi. Now back to waiting for the stormtroopers to arrive with their Tim Horton's coffee, poutine, and hockey jerseys to try and re-Canadianize me...

with beer, maple syrup, back bacon, toques, and of course, apathy...
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ot (but a 6 degrees of separation thing): AY Jackson taught this guy who painted me in Paris a hundred years ago. (scroll down to "man on canape 1 and 2") : >
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Response by poster: Wait...I just actually read jessamyn's first answer and second link...Pearson's Pennant was designed by Allan Beddoe? Man...I think I better call of the tattoo. I must be overtired. I had better just go ahead and order fff's book suggestion and start studying.

On Preview...That is very cool AG.
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Jackson didn't design the "Pearson Pennant," Beddoe did.

The only Jackson flag image we've found so far is his second submission.

I had been under the impression the Pearson flag was similar to Jackson's first submission, but now I'm thinking that is a misinterpretation of "tri-foliate maple with blue edges," and that the guitar design is actually a Jackson. And to tell the truth, I'm not even confident now that the first Jackson necessarily had a triple leaf...
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Oh, and thanks for this question! I had a great time googling for an answer, and learned all sorts of neat things while doing so. Really made it worth my while.
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Response by poster: No problem fff...I think I have some reading to do as well!
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Richat, to make amends there's only one way. Off to the Canadian Ballet with you (unless that's a Windsorism)
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It's a Windsorism. Pretty hard to be off to the Canuck Ballet when you live four provinces away from it.
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Umm... Canadian ballet probably doesn't mean the same thing in Canada that it does in (some parts of) the U.S., does it? (For the record, I never heard this term until I came to Buffalo, even though I grew up in another border area. Even here, it's usually abbreviated to "the ballet", since there isn't an actual ballet this side of Toronto.)
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Canadian ballet?

I've lived my entire life in Canada and that's the first time I've heard of that. Heck, I'm only a couple of hours from windsor and I haven't heard of it.

Until I clicked your link, skoosh, I thought it was some sort of Canadian version of an actual Ballet. Not that I, as a Canadian, would ever bother to attend such an event.

Now, off to, hmm...

The Doll House?
The Manor?
The Mirage?
or... The Traveller's Inn (NSFW!)?

All 10 minutes away, yet all so closed at this hour. Decisions, decisions. Did I mention there's even a chippendale's club here? Nobody is left out of the loop in my town.
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I'd never heard "Canadian Ballet" to refer to stripclubs, either.

But you can bet I'm a-gonna start using it, eh!
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Ok, it was probably a Detroitism, come to think of it that's what strip clubs were referred to on WRIF from Detroit.
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