What fun things can I do with my old iBook Clamshell?
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I've got a iBook G3(i think) blueberry clamshell which can just about handle running photoshop 4 and appleworks on it. think it has OS 8 on it too. The battery is pretty much shot on it and so only runs off the mains power supply. Currently it is sitting on my shelf doing nothing. Give me some fun / interesting / unusual ideas with what I could do with it. The more creative the better.
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Response by poster: forgot to say.
has CD ROM drive, no wireless. and have had incredible trouble trying to plug it into the interweb.
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The clamshell iBooks make really fun frisbees. Otherwise, I'd say you have a lovely digital picture frame in your future.
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- a digital LCD picture frame.
- a computer for babies to play AlphaBaby or any of the keyboard-smash games.
- put an older Yellowdog Linux on it as a learning experience?
- if it has an ethernet port, attach it to your network and make it a network monitoring device (a la Nagios).
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I have a 300 MHz, revision b tangerine one. I put tiger on it, bought a new battery and a used airport card. It picks up broadband better than my dell d410. The battery lasts 6 hours and I love it.
I put 9.22 on it and 10.4.11. I use classic for photoshop 6 and freehand 7. I disabled spotlight and dashboard. Don't underestimate this baby. (I obtained a cd copy of tiger to be able to install on this machine.) Really the only downside is the 800x600 resolution limit on the monitor.
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Added note : has 320 mb of memory, but it will take 512 mb
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Donate it to someone in a developing country. I don't know what program but it's become glaringly obvious in my travels that our under-wanted/under-used computers would find a better home here.

In particular, Bolivia, it's wired and people know that computer jangle, it just costs about 7 times more to buy one. But, I don't know how you'd get it here. Lo siento.
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Best answer: Marathon.
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If you want to try Linux, don't bother with yellow dog, debian or ubuntu will install on it just fine, and you can install the latest version. I have a debian ibook G3 sitting right here next to me on my desk. instead of an older version of a Linux distro, get the latest, then strip things down until it runs smoothly (ie. get rid of gnome/kde and just run fluxbox and rox-filer). Worst case, just run the latest distro with an old version of the desktop environment, that is where the ram and cpu usage bloat really comes in.
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