Framing suggestions for Battlestar Galactica posters.
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Framing suggestions for Battlestar Galactica posters.

My sis got me these wonderful BSG posters. They are 22" x 17" and I would like to get them framed. However in keeping with the BSG aesthetic I would like to have the corners clipped on the frames to form an octagon like they are on the prints.

Any suggestion for an appealing DYI option, or a reasonable custom job.
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Cut an octagonal shape out of an overlay in the frame.
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The least expensive and probably most aesthetically practical way to do this would be to frame them in normal rectangular frames, with a white matt cut by a pro to match the octagon shape.
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I made some custom frames for a wedding present for some BSG-obsessed friends. Its not hard with a miter saw (cut each corner at 22.5 degree angle). I also cut the glass myself, but one could have that cut at a good frameshop.

Else, go the mat option.
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Get your glass cut, or fake it with own-cut lexan. Buy some cheapo painting/chair/picture rail and have it mitre sawed. You can probably get it done at the store, if you have your lengths and angles ready. First hit for mitre-boxon google offers a 22.5 angle including saw for under 20 dollars. Couple of drops of glue and a few staples will give you a fairly stable frame, especially once you have the lexin/glass in. For greater stability you should probably strap it up in one of them there strap-clamp thingys while the glue dries.
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