I can haz notez on Anna Magdelenaz deadz?
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Is there a way to get the extensive liner notes from the ECM Recording Morimur online?

I had heard about this cd a bit and the controversy surrounding it, so I ordered a used copy. Really. I have a physical, not stolen from the internets used copy here. But is must be a different version (or came without the book.....hrm...bet that's it). So I can't read the story. Is there a place online I could see the text or ideally a facsimile of the original book?

The music is great, but I'd like to read this nutty theory behind it.

I'd also be interested in reading any astute criticism of the notes and theory behind the CD.

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What about just getting a copy from the library? Looking at your past questions, you live in either Portland, Maine, or Boston. The Portland library is pretty decent, as I recall, and the Boston system would surely have a copy.
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