Looking for a hi-res image from "Roman Holiday"
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Where can I find a hi-res copy of this image of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck on a vespa from Roman Holiday?

Digital is preferred, but a printed version at least 4"x6" that I could scan would also work.
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How high resolution?

I can take a screenshot from my DVD at 1280x800 (maximum) if you can't find a better solution.
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I guess this won't do the trick?

NTSC DVD's native resolution is 720x480, so you're not going to get any practical, useful resolution beyond that out of a DVD. The original image is either an upscaled frame grab or a PAL frame grab (720x576, I believe), so you'd be nearly as well off upsizing that in Photoshop as having someone else upsize it in their DVD software.

If you live near a big city, one option would be to check out collector's stores to see if frame blow-ups, or appropriate publicity stills, exist. Then you could scan the photo at high res. In New York, I use Jerry Ohlinger's. Not sure if they'd be willing to do the research for you, but it might not hurt to email them a copy of the picture to see what they can provide.

If you're in it for the long haul, you could keep an eye out for HD telecasts or a Blu-ray release of the film. If you could figure out how to grab the frame, that would net you an image that's 1080 pixels high and something like 1400 pixels wide, which would be an improvement.
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Check your Mefi Mail for some info.
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Try the Margaret Herrick Library (for a print copy)
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