Moving my iTunes songs to a bigger drive
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PC verson of iTunes: all my mp3 & aac files are on my C drive, which is almost full. I want to lighten the load on that drive by moving all the songs to my E drive, which has much more space. Is there a way to do this without wrecking iTune's database? I don't want to have to re-import everything.
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I've never used iTunes on a PC, but on the Mac there's an "Advanced" tab in Preferences that lets you set the location of the iTunes Music folder. I was in your situation a year ago, and all I had to do was move the folder from one drive to the other and then use the prefs to tell iTunes where its new home was.
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What you need to do is change the "iTunes Music folder location" as Mars suggests, to point to a folder on the new drive. Edit > Perferences > Advanced. Then you should choose Advanced > Consolidate Library to copy your music files to the new drive. Afterward you can delete them from the C: drive.
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You can export the library into an XML file and then simply do a find and replace for all instances of 'C:' to 'E:'. S'what I did when moving everything onto a network drive.
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I admit I haven't tried this, but would copying your My Music or My iTunes Music folders to E:, then deleting them and replacing them with shortcuts work?
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Kindall's advice is 100% correct.
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Thanks, all. I managed to free up 30GB on my C drive based on your advice!
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