Ripping video from ISO
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Is there a program to rip just the main video from an ISO file?

I've been backing up most of my DVD collection to my computer as ISOs. Now I've started also putting them on my iPod. The only problem is with several of the movies I don't have the DVD any more (various reasons such as lending it out and such) and only have the ISO. Any good programs to rip just the movie without having to re-burn the DVD? I'd prefer the programs to be free, but it's not required. I also only want the movie, not any of the extras. I am already using VLC Player to play the ISOs so please don't just tell me ways to play the ISO, I want ways to rip from it.
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Best answer: ISOs aren't video files, they're disk images. Use something like Daemon Tools to mount the .iso file as a virtual DVD. I'm not sure what you're doing to rip the DVD into iTunes -- as far as I know you'll need to break copy-protection -- but there are plenty of guides out there once you have it mounted.
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I'd post a link to a guide but I don't know what the MeFi view on that kind of thing is...
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Response by poster: I know what ISOs are. I don't need to rip it into iTunes, I just need to be able to rip it into any video type (.avi for example) and then I can convert it. I'll look for some of those guides though. Thanks!
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Mount the iso file and to other software it will be no different than if a physical DVD. Just do whatever you're already doing to convert a DVD and put it on your iPod.
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k9copy will load an iso, allow you to select what to extract/preview, and re-encode in {compressed format}.
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I'm pretty sure Handbrake handles this now, using VLC's decryption system.
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Response by poster: So I just reread what I had posted earlier (along with the new answers) and I didn't mean to sound so ungrateful. Sorry about that Katrielalax, I was just trying to say I was familiar with ISOs and have worked a little with them before.

For some reason, I thought mounting an ISO, would just be able to run it, didn't realize it works like a normal DVD would. But the program I was using finally crashed (was an old version and when it tried to update, it decided my license didn't exist anymore and I can't really call Tech Support because a friend of mine bought the license and it works fine for him). I've also had problems with Handbrake in the past (it's really slow and other things), but thanks for the update on it! I'll look into k9copy and also getting Daemon tools for other ISO use.
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I've found MagicISO works very well for this sort of thing.
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AutoGK is what I've been using. It rips ISO files in .avi.
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Best answer: Anything VLC can play, it can also transcode.
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Handbrake can use ISO files directly and treats them just like a physical DVD. The program can be fast but only if you have the right hardware. At a minimum I would say you need a dual-core processor; my 2.8GHz AMD dual-core averages around 40fps using the default "ipod hi-res" profile.
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2nd-ing Handbrake. Any kind of copy protection could be side-stepped by using AnyDVD (I suppose you're using Windows since we're recommending Daemon Tools here)
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Not to hijack, but whats a good video conversion program, that will output to divx, and let me specify final file size? So if I want to resize an existing divx home movie to fit on 1 CD.
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AutoGK will output to Divx 5/6 but not sure about the file-size limit.
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Response by poster: Can't use VLC as that would probably convert everything including title menu and extras. AutoGK won't allow ISO for the input file (I tried). I can't find where MagicISO's site says anything about it, so I didn't bother downloading it as mounting the DVD seems to be the best option. Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: How to Rip DVDs with VLC
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It sounds like your question has been answered several times. However, I don't see this resource posted, so I figured I'd share it.

A lot of DVD backup related questions can be answered (including historical court decisions) from this website.
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