Wedding band in NYC?
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Where can someone find customer reviews of reliable wedding musicians in NYC?

We are getting married in September (yay!) but we have to plan everything before then (boo).

I am trying to find a site where people suggest/review bands for our reception. Most sites that list wedding entertainment only display those who have paid for the privilege. I am hoping for something less biased - - like for wedding stuff. The closest I have gotten is New York Magazine's suggestions, and they don't give too many of them.

Or, alternatively, have any of you gone to a wedding in the NYC area and seen a wedding band that made you dance your socks off? We are thinking about a classic soul band, but we are open to suggestions.

Please help us!!! We have no idea what we are doing!!
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Best answer: The forums at are filled with NYC brides; ask, and they'll steer you right.
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The forums on indiebrides have some reviews of musicians that various folks have used; however, if you have your heart set on a particular style, the handful of postings may be years old and not contain any useful contact information for the musicians.

A lot of people on the site use a DJ to cut down on costs.
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Also try forums, and don't forget to look in the bride bios/reviews.
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