My iPhone is buzzing differently now.
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Why is my iPhone (3g) suddenly making a new and totally different kind of buzzing into my cheap speakers in additional to the good old GSM buzz I'm used to? Here is the sound. (608k .wav)

I'm aware of why GSM buzz happens (ugh, the one down point of switching from Bell's CDMA network to Rogers), I am more curious what new thing my phone might be doing that would cause this new buzzing sound that I've never heard before that is totally unlike the horrid staccato sound it's always made.
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I get a different buzz when I'm using the data part of my phone (not an iPhone, BlackJack II, still another 3G phone) rather than my voice, so is that possibly it?
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It mostly happens when the phone is not in use and just in my pocket.. I'm pretty sure apple only lets its own apps (email, sms) run in the background..
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