Using OS X Utilities - How do I Download Everthing from a Site?
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Step by step instructions for an absolute newbie (who knows nothing about OS X Utilities) on getting all the like files (mp3s, jpgs, etc.) from a url...?

I've seen posts about things like wget and whatnot and I have no idea what that means or how to run such a thing. I have never used command line or terminal and have no idea how they work (all the instructions I've ever found assume someone knows how to use these already). I just have a url and want all the mp3s without clicking each one individually.
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Jeffrey Veen's wget tutorial (search for "mp3 blogs veen" is great.

Even simpler is using firefox with a download extension, forgot the name (turbo download?) that does this.

note: I have quit running my mp3 blog scraping script because I didn't have time to weed through it all for the stuff I liked.
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Try one of these programs: DeepVaccum; SimpleWget.
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Doesn't OS X come with curl instead of wget?
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Doesn't the popular, free, and easy SiteSucker do this?
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OS X does come with curl which is great, however if you don't feel comfortable with the terminal try iCab. Besides being an all around solid browser the download dialog offers the options to "Get all files in same path, get all files on same server or get all linked files". You can specify own may links to follow (the "depth") and what file extensions to ignore.
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Thanks, all! I'll try out a few of these.
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The Firefox extension is Magpie. Good luck with it. I can't get it to do anything, but I think it's in conflict with another extension and no one has written an extension group counseling extension yet.
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