Where do I get a box for a big keyboard?
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Where can I find a box to ship a big keyboard?

I'm eBaying the keyboard that's been taking up space in my apartment, after getting fed up with various scammers and flakes on Craigslist. Now I have to deal with the quandary of shipping it. Where can I find an appropriately sized box, 50"x16"x6" or so? (I don't have the one it came in.)

Does some company sell these on the web? Or better yet, in NYC?
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Make one out of two smaller boxes and packing tape. This is what the guys at the UPS store did for me when I had to ship some tall speakers.
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I had to do this once. Go to a music store that sells keyboards and ask if they have any left over keyboard boxes. If they've recently gotten a shipment they normally just trash the cardboard boxes anyway so they'll be happy to give you one. Plus you'll probably also get the styrofoam packing, etc. that comes with it.
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I usually dumpster dive for a much bigger box or large, flat sheets of corrugated cardboard and cut and fold it into a new custom box. Use wide plastic packing tape as suggested above. Use a smaller, sturdy box as your guide. Don't cut directly on the floor though....it'll make your wife mad.
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I've seen some boxes roughly that size that were used to ship rifles. Maybe a gun shop can hook you up with one.
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gfrobe got it right. Get thee to a music store.
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I used to be a manager at Guitar Center. If you talk to the store manager and explain the situation, given the volume of business they do he probably goes through a few of those a week. All they ever do is break the boxes down and pitch em, so if you ask nicely and show a little love (perhaps a bottle or sixer of something nice) it would be no shakes to save it for you, original packing and all. They'll just keep it in the warehouse with a post it on it saying save for....etc.
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If you want a new box uline.com sells boxes of every conceivable shape and size. They also sell grey foam packing material that you can remove pre-scored blocks from (kinda like Tetris) to snuggly fit whatever you are shipping.
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Make one out of two smaller boxes and packing tape. This is what the guys at the UPS store did for me when I had to ship some tall speakers.

Make one is fine, but.. Looks like it would take more than two :) And, use white glue as well as packing tape. Packing tape alone will not give joints any strength.
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Thanks, all. I'm going to try the guitar district on 48th Street, and failing that, I'll drop $15 on 10 boxes from uline and find some creative use for the rest...
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