Reliable watch repair in Providence?
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A while ago, I had the battery to my (nice) watch replaced while on vacation. Since it was water resistant to a decent depth, I had the store do a water pressure test, post-replacement. Not too long after, but definitely after the vacation, the watch stopped working. It would also fog up inside the watch face. I want my watch to work again, but I've lost a bit of faith in the average jewelry store. I live in Providence RI. Do you know any reputable, reliable, and skilled watch repair persons?
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Don't know if Boston is too far for you, but Tourneau will set you up. Will feel overpriced but they offer peace of mind.
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The US licensed repair center for Mondaine happens to be very close to you:

Garden City Shopping Center 168 Hillside Road
Cranston, RI 02920

Online:, which also lists a Wakefield location and gives hours.

I have no experience with them (I found out about them when I got a Mondaine automatic as a gift), but I'd give them a try if I were you.
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I have gone to Saltzman's Watches on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston many times. They are very professional, and have always fixed my timepieces right the first time. I would recommend them over the Providence Watch Hospital.

Saltzman Watches
1024 Reservoir Ave
Cranston, RI 02910
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The Watch Hospital isn't exactly Sloan Kettering: I took a couple of watches there -- one awesome but cheap Disney wristwatch and one old pocket watch -- and got apologetic shrugs. (At least they didn't charge me.) For my ten-y.o. Colibri pocket watch they were happy top swap batteries, but they also wanted to sell me a $49 cleaning.

Do you have a good (i.e., "not in a mall") jeweler? They could probably tell you who does their watch repairs.

Honestly, the kid with a cart in the Emerald Square Mall has done a few battery changes for me and even gave me a spare watch band post for free last time.
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