Music in Episode 3 of Lost: Elliot Smith?
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In episode 3 of Lost (which, by the way, rocks my cock) there's a nice, kinda mellow song that plays at the end of the episode. Does anybody know who it was? My Googling has brought me nowhere.

My gut tells me it's Elliot Smith, but frankly, I've been thinking with my gut for my whole life, and I've come to the conclusion that my gut has shit for brains.
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Off topic: OH, HELL, I FORGOT TO WATCH LAST NIGHT! I'm not used to there being anything good on the major networks. Does anyone know if ABC is going to do traditional repeats of Lost, or are they doing the newfangled thing? Thanks. Sorry I'm no help with the song.

Also, does anyone think Lost is already somewhat planned out from start to finish (à la the epic Babylon 5), or are the writers making it up as they go, potentially resulting in all kinds of initially mysterious plot threads that end up poorly and cheesily resolved? (*coughX-FILEScough*)
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Nevermind, a quick trip to the official website (who goes to those things anyway?) reveals the song to be 'Wash Away' by Joe Purdy.
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There are a number of shows like West Wing and 24 that do terrible in reruns, which is why their seasons start so (relatively) late. Lost seems to fall into that camp, so I'd be surprised if it gets rerun. On the other hand, Fox would sometimes have FX run mini-marathons, so maybe, I dunno, ABC Family or something will devote part of a Saturday to showing Lost.

Tragically, there are no other alternatives .
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also, Shane, *cough* Alias Season 3 *cough*.

I haven't watched any Lost yet, but I've heard very good things. It's just waiting for me to start it up. I don't think Abrams would make that drastic of a change, and I don't think he's as good a creative mind as JMS.
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ABC has a bit of an issue at the moment, since in their schedule, they had Alias dropping back into the Desperate Housewives slot at some point. But the new show is outdrawing the old show, so that now seems unlikely. So I figure they might run Alias in the Lost timeslot instead of reruns.
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Television Without Pity and its Lost forums might be useful or fun for you too.
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Shane, ABC reruns Lost on Saturday night. In fact, this Saturday they'll be showing the past two episodes.
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Excellent, emptybowl! ...and thanks, blueshammer and graventy. If I couldn't view the past shows and catch up, I was considering ignoring it completely until it goes into syndication...

I really believe that something that represents itself as a BIG, DEEP MYSTERY or conspiracy or long-term plot or such had better have most of that mystery fleshed out in advance, and had better deliver right thru till the end. I loved much of X-Files, but was disappointed by Carter hinting at big things when obviously HE didn't even know what the big things were... That's a cheat, in my book, and it takes a helluva writer to actually pull it off.
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Shane, you're absolutely right. But if you believe J.J. Abrams, they had the entire first season of Lost laid out before filming of the pilot began.

Awesome, awesome show. It's hard enough waiting a week between episodes. I may be suicidal when it's rerun season.

And let me second TWoP -- the person doing the recaps over there, Dan Kwa, is utterly hilarious.
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Lost has just enough creepy elements to keep me going. I get this eerie Stephen King thing from it. I have this weird feeling it will turn Sixth Sense on us. The dialogue is cliche ("You can't save everyone") the characters are bad stereotypes (coke-headed rockstar, lonely survivalist, leading doctor who couldn't save his father), and just when I'm about to turn it off in literary disgust, something X-Files unusual happens. Though, being network television you just know they'll have the cycle of sort of big thing happens, then a few episode of character interaction and then sort of big thing happens... I think X-Files actually defined that genre.
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I have this weird feeling it will turn Sixth Sense on us.

Don't have the source, but the producers insisted they weren't going to pull a "they're all really dead" stunt.
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Because to me, it SORT of looks like it might be in the black boy's head. With the polar bear and whatnot.

If it is, I'ma gonna be pissed.
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Tragically, there are no other alternatives.

I'm just so tickled-happy that I live in a world where this statement is a joke! Go technology!
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