Can you recommend protective gear for Krav maga sparring?
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Can you recommend protective gear for Krav maga sparring?

I've done some boxing and am now planning on doing Krav Maga sparring. They offer a package at the gym I go to but I already have some of the things in the package (cup, mouthguard, fight gloves). I need shin guards and protective headgear. Can any fighting Mefites suggest good quality gear? I'm not looking for a specific store rec, but pointers to a specific model. Headgear should include chin padding but not a full face visor.
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Depends how long you plan on staying with the training and the investment you wanna make.

Ringside, Fairtex, and Rogue Fight Gear still have the best gear going. But Fairtex is pricey. Stay away from Century or Macho of anything for Karate. It's cheap crap for kids. Unless this ia a one year lark then that stuff is fine it will hold about six months of solid use. But the real competition proven gear, Like Fairtex, Ringside, Title, and the like is what you want if you envision spending a couple years. It's durable. I have gloves and headgear that are six or seven years old that still hold up.

You'll probably want fingerless "grappling" or MMA gloves. I would assume at least 12oz. Unless your not doing full contact. Then 10oz will do. All the aforementioned carry these - Rogue makes the cool looking ones WITH FLAMES. LOL. Get good shin guards. Rogue make some really good ones that are neoprene backed so they fit all around the shin without those silly velcro straps or buckles that always break (or cut). That kind of snug fit will be important if your doing all range sparring including ground work.

Head gear. Frankly I'M opposed to it unless your doing full contact stand up. Limits your vision. And people automatically hit harder. But if you insist on staying pretty Fairtex makes the best competition proven Full Coverage headgear - it will last.

Good luck.
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Awesome tips, thanks. I have Ringside boxing gloves now and have been using them for 2 years and they are still in great shape. Hadn't heard of Rogue but will be sure to get the whole flame ensemble so I can blend in next to a monster truck (the shinguards look really functional).
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I've always been a fan of Redman gear. Protects you from pretty much anything, used for all kinds of security training (like, how to get beaten with a baseball bat, or not.)

First commenter doesn't seem crazy about it (it's a Macho product).
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Thanks to everyone for the answers. I ended up getting Rogue grapping gloves + shin guards, and Fight Gear headgear (Fairtex was back ordered everywhere). The shin guards and grappling gloves are well made and thoughtfully constructed. The fight gear headgear is somewhat bulky but doesn't limit vision - absorbs impacts fine in practice.
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