My wireless Mac and wired PC transfer to each other at 2.5 MB/s. Can I speed this up any?
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I've got a network in my home - one PC, connected by wire to the router, and one Apple, connected by an Airport card (which I believe is 802.11G). The fastest speed I can get transferring files from one to the other is 2.5MB/s, which seems slow. Am I right, or is this standard?
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Well, it will depend on if it's both 802.11G or B (the router and the Airport card), and even then, 11mb and 54mb are mostly theoretical, and most traffic (with overhead, retransmitting of lost packets, etc.) will be about half that.
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2.5 megabytes per second doesn't sound ridiculously slow in practice, no. 2.5 megabits per second, yeah. That would be slow for a local file transfer.

What sharing type are you using? I found that the Windows File Sharing option on the Mac, while a nice convenience, is much slower than the FTP file sharing option. All you need is a Windows FTP client, which is easy to come by.

Also, be sure to try it wired and unwired, so you have something to compare it to.
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Response by poster: It's all G, sorry, meant to make that clear
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What protocol(s) are you using to share files? SMB? FTP? AppleTalk?
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