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I am looking for an online document storage/document sharing service that is HIPAA compliant.

My mother has a small (less than 100 people per year) counseling practice that I've agreed to do the billing for, as well as keep track of patient records. I'm not able to go to her office as often as will be necessary, because it's about an hour away and I work full-time. We'd like to find a secure, HIPAA compliant online service where we can both upload documents that the other person can view.

Doing a Goggle search brings up a bunch of options, but I'd like to hear from people who have actually used such a service.
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(Full disclosure, I work for a document management reseller)

ImageSilo is a product we represent and it sounds like it would meet your needs.

It's sold in unlimited user licensing, with no start up fees. You pay only by the Gigabyte of storage. It is fully HIPAA compliant and has many features geared specifically toward the medical industry.

You can make annotations (notes) on documents, there is a full audit trail of who has looked at documents, printed/faxed or them. It also has a "document grant" feature where you can share a document online on a one time basis with someone without emailing it (email is not considered secure or HIPAA compliant for medical records.

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Yeah, seconding ImageSilo. Background: work in financial services as a software developer.
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Alteer is another option.
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