Where to get Blu Tack in bulk?
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Where can I buy poster putty in bulk? (Poster putty is known as Blu Tack, White Tack, Museum Putty, Zorkai, Prestik, Tack n' Stick, Sticky Tack, etc...)

Where can I get about a pound of the stuff? Everything I see online are 2 oz or so presentations, buying a box of those would be a waste of money and packaging.

I don't need brand name stuff. I know one can buy generic silly putty in bulk from some manufacturers, is this the case with poster tack?
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According to the material safety data sheet , maybe you could search for elastomeric putty
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I tried the search with elastomeric putty. It seems like it is too general a term. Most of the elastomeric putty I found is the kind where you mix with a catalizer and it cures over time.
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My dad used the stuff to mount mineral specimens. I believe he bought it from Shannon Minerals. It looks like you can get a kilogram for $28.50
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Thanks a lot PueExMachina, that is exactly what I need.
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