Where can I play football in North London?
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Where can I play football in North London?

I want to start playing football. I am looking for a team to play with in North London, near NW1, ideally 11-a-side. I am not very good, but would like to play regularly and get better. Online searches for amateur teams seeking players, or places to go for a pick-up game have not yielded results. Help?
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American football or soccer/restoftheglobe football? I really can't help, but am curious as to which. I guess soccer is not 11-a-side, right?
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I guess soccer is not 11-a-side, right?

Erm, yes it is.

I'd start at your local sports centre and talk to any of the staff there. They will most likely be able to point you in the right direction. You may be able to join a five a side team or club at the same place in the evenings to improve your skills for a few months first, which may help.
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Check out the notice boards at local sports centres. I know there was stuff going on at the Sobell Centre in Islington when I was around there (5 a side) but there are other council run facilities for 11 a side that might yield better results. As I remember it was all ads on notice boards rather than online classifieds so some leg work might be in order.

The Islington centres are all linked to from this page.
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Any chance you can talk to the guys you work with, or with anyone down at your local? Your pub might even sponsor a team. You won't make the first XI, but you'll get a chance to play and train, and maybe make some mates.
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Best answer: You should try gumtree. You probably won't get Sunday League 11-a-side teams advertising on there, but if you're quick about it I bet you can get in on a 5-a-side team or a kickabout on Regent's Park by the weekend (weather permitting).
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You could try asking the London FA. They have a youth focus but deal with adult leagues too.
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