A gun by any other name
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What were some of the slang terms used for guns on The Wire? From what i remember, bodie and poot (and the other corner kids) had an unusual slang term for the guns they hid in the wheelwells of cars. It wasn't strap, heat, piece, or nine. Any ideas?
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You remember correctly because I recall having not heard the term before. However, I can't recall the exact word. I am 99% positive it's not heater or iron.
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Someone says chrome.
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Was it "gat"?
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i think it was whistle....
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I think capnsue is on to something!
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I just watched a 3rd season EP last night where someone asked for another guy to hand him the "whistle", so I can guarantee that one.
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Whistle for sure. I loved that scene. "Gimme the whistle..." What???? Oh.... the gun.
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One of my fave lines from the show:

Michael: Should I bring my iron?
Snoop: Naw, I got some fresh nines with the numbers shaved

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Not from The Wire, but one of my favorite slang terms from gun comes from Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union. They call them "sholem." Yiddish for "peace." As in "piece." Awesome.
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One of my new favorite things about The Wire is that I recently found out about a philosopher called Rawls, who was from Baltimore, and who was all about fairness in justice, and cooperation.
Isn't that great? Man, those writers.
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Late addition. Just watched an episode where someone asked if another person had his "prong" on him. The other one flashes his gun.
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