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I am looking for motivational anecdotes or stories that would appeal to students in Grades 6-8.

I am looking specifically for a story that would be read to the entire student body during an assembly during which awards are given to students who have achieved a specific level of achievement. (We call it an honours assembly.) Traditionally the principal speaks at the beginning of the assembly to celebrate the accomplishments of the entire student body and to highlight the importance of putting in 100% effort at all times. It is during this section of the assembly that the story would be read. I've tried google but keep getting pithy and often Christian stories (this is a secular school) that adolescents would find trite and boring.

Stories/anecdotes about the importance of effort are the most needed, but I'll take anything that would make kids think about their actions! Bonus points for stories involving celebrities or sports stars appealing to this age range.
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It might be corny and trite but I've got a soft spot for the starfish story.
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There's a whole "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series out there, for teenagers, for dog lovers, you name it, there's a book with the "chicken soup" theme.

On that link above, I noticed a new one, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School".

Good luck!
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