Mods, help me patch my parka.
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ModFilter: I have an olive green parka, and an itch to put a patch on it. I want it to be a witty and subtle thing, though. Is this do-able?

I have this coat in the 'vintage olive' colour. When I got it I had a vague flashback to grade nine and wearing a mod boyfriend's parka, and thought it would be teh LOLZ if I sewed a patch on my new coat.

Just something subtle, something that would be innocuous but which would make ex-mods grin. Perhaps one tiny bullseye? Where?

Or will something like this just make me look sad and old and confused?
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Probably on either breast is a good place. Just do it and stop worrying -- if you are sad, old, and confused, then you will undoubtedly appear that way to some other people, no matter what you're wearing.
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Or on the arm/shoulder area.
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smack on the center of the back of the parka. is there any other place?
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Best answer: Why not combine the R.A.F. roundel with the circular top of the female symbol?
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Have a look at (the video) here for inspiration, those boys know what they are on about. They all seem to be wearing in a military style -- i.e. top of the shoulders and left breast pocket (or where it would be).
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