Mods, help me patch my parka.
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ModFilter: I have an olive green parka, and an itch to put a patch on it. I want it to be a witty and subtle thing, though. Is this do-able?

I have this coat in the 'vintage olive' colour. When I got it I had a vague flashback to grade nine and wearing a mod boyfriend's parka, and thought it would be teh LOLZ if I sewed a patch on my new coat.

Just something subtle, something that would be innocuous but which would make ex-mods grin. Perhaps one tiny bullseye? Where?

Or will something like this just make me look sad and old and confused?
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Probably on either breast is a good place. Just do it and stop worrying -- if you are sad, old, and confused, then you will undoubtedly appear that way to some other people, no matter what you're wearing.
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Or on the arm/shoulder area.
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That coat is far enough away from the standard mod parka shape that any single tiny mod-looking thing would already be witty and subtle. Go for it! I'd put a wee bullseye, round about the size of a button, on the very front collar. In that Land's End picture, you wouldn't be able to see it, as it would be on the flap of collar that's folded over to the left. Right there. Maybe an additional one right by the cuff of one sleeve -- again, no bigger than an inch or so.
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smack on the center of the back of the parka. is there any other place?
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Why not combine the R.A.F. roundel with the circular top of the female symbol?
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Have a look at (the video) here for inspiration, those boys know what they are on about. They all seem to be wearing in a military style -- i.e. top of the shoulders and left breast pocket (or where it would be).
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