Name That Tune (and its composer)
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Help me identify the title and composer of a song. [Details inside]

I was watching an episode of the Naked Chef one day. The normal format of the show is that he comes up with some lame activity (eg go-kart racing), prepares a meal, then all his friends rock up after participating in the activity and proceed to chow down while some background music plays and the credits roll. One particular episode ("Babysitting") had a really catchy tune playing at the end of the show. The credits didn't specify the tune name or composer. I have been trying to track down the name of this tune and the artist for weeks unsuccessfully. I actually was forced to download the MPG of the show from my ReplayTV, de-multiplex it into an audio stream, then convert it into an OGG file just so I could play it on repeat all day and chuckle softly to myself like Gollum.

It's apparently a popular tune. So say several people I've asked about it, who all for some reason cannot remember the name or artist. ARGH.

Grab the tune from here. If you cannot play OGG files, either get foobar2000 or else disregard my question. Thank you in advance!
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There was a soundtrack to the series, called Cookin'. I mention it only because it came out after Jamie Oliver started tiring of the Naked Chef moniker so that name doesn't actually appear on it and your searches might not have turned it up. Could it be one of the tracks on there?
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Sounds like it could be any Britpop also rans. I'd suggest Shed Seven (maybe Going For Gold)
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...or Chasing Rainbows
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