Vermont ski resort bus trips from New Jersey?
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Anyone know of any Vermont ski resort bus trips that leave from New Jersey?

I just finished reading this entry on a Times blog about about day trips to Vermont from New York City. What I want to know is if similar trips are run out of New Jersey, preferably North Jersey.

I've seen the NJ Ski Council trips, but most are longer than a day and require memberships to ski clubs. Aren't there any ski shops that organize no-commitment day trips like the ones mentioned on that Times blog, but from Jersey?
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Call the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing and ask 1-800-Vermont. They'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Also, look at nearby universities' "upcoming events" pages. At this time of year campus groups run these buses quite often. If one has empty seats on a bus, I'm relatively certain they'd be glad to take along a "civilian" like yourself, in order to recoup costs.
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Ok, thanks.
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