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How long should I wait, post weaning, before I go on a bra buying spree?

I'd really like to replace my nursing bras with something a bit more flattering, but don't want to blow a lot of money on new bras until I know that my breasts aren't going to deflate any more. Is there some rule of thumb regarding this?

Possibly relevant facts: It's been a couple of weeks since my son last nursed, and he was down to one feeding a day for about a month or so before that, so I've been drying up for a while. I've been at my pre-pregnancy weight for some time now, and am not trying to lose any weight.
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I'm not sure as I went from breast-feeding to ivf to pregnant to breastfeeding again currently.... but if nobody here can tell you, I'd ring my local bra shop where they fit you. They should know.

But if your breasts aren't feeling at all full, i.e. empty... they may not get any smaller. Mine didn't but then I've had a breast reduction and they never got like watermelons anyway.

Yay for new bras, by the way. New bras rock.
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After weening, my coconuts (previously 36C) looked deflated but a couple years later plumped back up again. Now I'm back at the size I was before. Every woman is different, so I'd say don't go on a "spree" but buy a couple now that make you happy and re-examine in a few months.
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Do you have any pre-pregnancy bras you can go back to that still fit? Eventually, you will probably return to your original bra size (assuming weight returns to or near pre-pregnancy level). If your pre-pregnancy bras don't fit now, then it may be worth getting a couple of interim bras from, say, Target. I think it took me about 3 months from stopping nursing to wearing my pre-pregnancy bras. Like you, I was ready to be out of nursing bras, so I got a couple of stop gaps.
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Since it's been a few weeks since you nursed, I think you're in the clear to go invest in a few new bras. My post-breastfeeding bra of choice was Victoria's Secret "dream angels demi". It gave me great support and shape. Of course, YMMV.

I DO recommend going in to a VS, or other like store where the ladies there will help you find the right size and shape bra for your new figure. Even if your size is the same, the fit might be different.
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I think its safe to safe that YMMV and of course its wildly different for every woman. So personally I would go out and buy a couple of mid-range bras, just to get away from the nursing bras (which often have terrible support). I would go to a department store and get measured and then browse the sale rack for a couple of bargains. That's what I did once I stopped pumping and was just nursing a couple of times a day, and was fed up with poor support from my nursing bras. Then wait a few months and if all seems to be the same, you can feel good about going out and blowing soem $$ on a bunch of bras.

Victoria's Secret have been clueless measurers for me, most of their staff have been all personality and sales but not enough experience, if they are out of stock in my size in the bra I want they are quick to offer another size of it (?!). The right kind of older lady in the department store lingerie section has BTDT many times and knows what she is doing, but that's just IMHO.
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I waited a few weeks, after tapering off like you guys did, and so far -- a few months along -- the new bras seem fine. Go for it.
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Congrats on both nursing AND weaning!

I nursed... and nursed... and nursed my kids and while I really have no solid advice for you, I HIGHLY recommend going somewhere GOOD to have your new post-partum/post-weaning fitting. Around these parts, Nordstrom is a godsend.

Sometimes the 'deflation' leaves us sized the same but proportioned differently or sized differently AND proportioned differently. Having someone knowledgeable help us figure that out what fits us best, now, DOES make a huge difference.

I am incredibly hard to fit (very small band size... large cup size... old-lady breast structure in this day and age - shut up, I'm getting old, ok?) and it's just not possible for me to buy a bra at a place like Target or WalMart or even Victoria's Secret. The fitters at better departments store (whether I buy there or not) are usually worth their weight in gold.
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Response by poster: It sounds like I should be safe investing in at least a couple new ones for the time being. I really need some support to help put what little I have left back up where it used to be! Thanks much for the advice, ladies.
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Just a small addendum to sum up what I think several of us are saying: the most important thing is to find a knowledgable saleslady who will help you find the right bra for your new shape and needs.

The clerks at my local Lord&Taylor and Nordstrom's were less than useless, and I only turned to VS in desperation, teary and deflated. (pun!) I was shocked that the most helpful and knowledgable saleslady in the mall was to be found in the bra store I gave up on 10 years ago.
I suspect this is NOT the norm in most malls, so keep looking.
Also, VS only goes to DD. This is very disappointing, as I've inflated in this 2nd pregnancy and need something other than my old nursing bras. *sigh*.
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