How do you say 'a gift for my landlord' in Esperanto?
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My landlord is a sharp older Jewish lady (who speaks Esperanto) who's been very good to me. Her house is beautiful, and I want to get her something to show my appreciation.

Her daughter is a playwright and she's an opera fan. That's really all I know about her.

My previous landlord was blown away by a bottle of very nice whiskey, but I don't think that's her style. Any suggestions?
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An Esperanto book would earn serious thoughtfulness points, it seems to me.
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Response by poster: That's a great idea -- unfortunately, I think she's one of the world's leading speakers, so it is possible she may have contributed to any such book.
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Since she speaks Esperanto, maybe she's very interested in meeting and talking to people from other cultures, and being familiar with the world. Which she's probably already done... but my only idea is to give her a very beautiful world atlas, if you think it would fit into her life.
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How old is "older"? Most elderly people are more interested in downsizing rather than getting more "stuff". You could give her an experience type gift, such as tickets for her and a friend to dinner theatre, opera, ballet, etc. Or food items are good if there is a unique bakery or gourmet store near you. As far as online food options, Stonewall Kitchen, Zingermann's, and Wolfermans all have nice gift baskets.
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Ditto what Texas_blissful said -- don't give an item, IMHO. Opera tickets sound perfect. Less original but still appropriate might be some new opera CDs or even a music gift certificate. Finally, flowers are always appreciated. Not red roses or something boring, but a more sophisticated arrangement, maybe.
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Depending on how techie (if at all) she is and how well you know her you might want to look at some of the really nifty Esperanto stuff online and see if you could find a way to maybe give her a USB drive with some videos on it or set her up on Skype so she can chat with other Esperanto speakers elsewhere. Big news in Esperanto land was the nomination for the Nobel peace Prize last year and here are some places to maybe think about putting together something vaguely multimedia.

- WNYC show on Esperanto
- Cabinet magazine on Esperanto
- The Esperanto Anthem (do you do music? you could do something awesome with this)
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dittoing Opera Tickets, or tickets to a big show coming up. Get something consumable, nice wine, flowers, chocolates. I don't know about the theater scene in Ontario, but a big bundle of state theater tickets are often cheaper than good seats at single show. Something big and cultural or small and delicious. Yay for you, BTW, in giving this gift.
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Go to a florist shop in person and talk to a designer about coming up with something nice-put it in a nice vase(a good shop will have a selection) that she will want to use for other flowers later.
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She might already have it, but Tri Homoj En Boato is a classic english book that is a hysterically funny account of a boating trip gone horribly wrong and (according to my Esparento-speaking friends) even better in translation. "No Exit" or "This is Not an Exit" By Satre has also been very masterfully translated. Alice In Wonderland has also been given big praise for it's translation as well.
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The Esperanto-speaking friend over my shoulder also recommends Patroj Kaj Filoj (Fathers and Sons) as a slightly obscure Russian novel available in Esperanto that is more than a little good.
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