Firefox 3 bookmark toolbar pop-up folder DELAY possible?
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Firefox 3. Do you use the bookmark bar? Do you drag and drop bookmarks within it? If so, this Q is for YOU: How do we delay the menu DURING drag+drop operations??

The way firefox is currently setup, i can use this method ( to delay the menus when browsing my drop-down bookmarks+folders from the bookmark toolbar normally. That was a great help!!!

But unfortunately, when you drag and drop items into or within the bookmark toolbar dropdowns, this delay does not appear to function.

It is soo frustrating to go 3-4 levels deep in a drop down menu, hovering over each subfolder to get it to pop up, and then any slight movement off the menu (even for a nano-second) will close up EVERYTHING and require me to start over. Its like playing a maze game where you can't touch the sides or you lose!

If just I had a 2 second delay in there when im dragging and about to drop, it would greatly improve the user experience.

(I'm aware I can use bookmarking menus, or the big bookmark manager to reorganize, but I prefer not having to take any extra steps.)

Any idea on a D+D delay?

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Here is a hyperlink for the NON DRAG AND DROP delay. I need the same thing but while dragging!
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How about putting a button on your toolbar for the bookmarks folder list on the left side, then open it and drag over into there instead of dragging up into the bookmarks toolbar? They will stay open once they're opened.
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I know you said you don't like other methods of bookmarking, but this one doesn't seem to involve many steps and you didn't mention it:

You can use the address bar to make and manage bookmarks. Click the whited-out star once to make an unfiled bookmark (I think you can set the default destination for this). Click again and a little box will pop up. You can select the folder to store it in, using a tree widget, without any timing out or collapsing.
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I suppose the bookmark bar on the left side is a good compromise. That way I can reorganize very easily without having to worry about unclick.... The problem is, I'm lazy. (Thats always the problem)

I'd like to reorganize in the same area I use to navigate. but oh well. Maybe firefox will include it in the next round?

In the mean time, I will try to make habit of clicking the bookmark folder list button first.

If anyone knows how to delay the main bar, please reply!
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I don't know about your monitor, but mine's wide so I leave my Bookmarks list on the left side open 100% of the time. (Since most webpages aren't made for a wide screen anyway.) It's very handy, and now webpages look funny to me when the bookmarks list is closed and the pages are spread across my entire screen.
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