Good Stanford-area therapists?
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Your recommendations for an inexpensive counselor/therapist in the Palo Alto-Menlo Park area?

I live near Stanford (I'm not a student there, though, so I can't take advantage of their services). I have a history of depression, and it's started getting bad again. I'd like to find a therapist or counselor to help me get through this period and over these problems, without paying too much (grad student on extended research trip with a part-time job). Anyone you would recommend?

Feel free to email me privately (f at mavo dot nu). Thanks for your time.
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Frankly, your local bets are going to be to try to find some cocounseling or grad student. Obviously professionals in that area are not inexpensive. You might also try finding one on the internet in a place where wages are lower and talking over the phone.
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Best answer: I know a great therapist on California Ave who works on a sliding scale, I will email you her phone number.

Also there's the Clinic of the Pacific Graduate School pf Psychology in Los Altos, also on a sliding scale. It's staffed by Psych Grad Students, but they are supervised by their professors (licensed professionals). Former roommates of mine were students there, it is legit.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Props to you for standing up and asking for help.
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Response by poster: Fantastic. Thank you!
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