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Fashionistas: Has the cut of women's slacks radically changed recently? [mi]

I've been trying to find some fashionable slacks for work, but the thighs are too tight in nearly every pair that I try. I've always had nice legs that are proportionate to my body. I've not noticed any change in my size. I typically don't wear slacks, only dresses, skirts and jeans (which I purposely buy tight). I've tried BCBG, Kenneth Cole, 9 West, Tahari, Banana Republic, Max Studio, Karen Kane and even a god awful pair of Jones of NY. All of them fit in the waist and hips, but were too tight in the thighs. I wear 10/12. Anyone else noticed this? Or, have my thighs become hideously huge without me noticing?
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I have similar problems, I would wear a small size if I could get the trousers over my apparently disproportionate J.Lo butt. I find that J Crew makes the only size 10 trousers I can wear without alteration. If I get trousers at Banana Republic, I usually have to get a 12 and then have the waist taken in. BCBG is too narrow for me, but I can wear their skirts.
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It's not just you. Here's my survival method - I've bought pants that fit in the hip & leg, then take them to the tailor for a $10 alteration to get the waist taken in.

It's a bastardization of the boot-cut pant. It seems a simple straight leg pant is anathema to the fashion industry.
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My girlfriend recently tried on pants at Old Navy and had the same complaint. If they were good in the waist then they were too tight in the thighs and when she tried on a pair that fit her thighs it was much too big in the waist.

I'll ask if she has any recommended brands/stores tonight.
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Nine West makes pants?

I can't identify with your complaint, but I can offer some advice. You seem to choose great brands, but they are too tailored for your body type, especially BCBG and Banana.

Ann Taylor LOFT has the most "roomy" legs cut into their pants that I've ever seen, which I think you'd be comfortable in. Ann Taylor (unlofted) is the higher end of the company, but would be too tailored for your complaint, so stay away from their pants. At Ann Taylor LOFT, the suit slacks average around $79-$89, which is reasonable for the quality, and looks to be about what you usually pay with the brands you mentioned. The sizing at LOFT is just like jcrew (If you wear a 10 in jcrew, you'd wear a 10 in Ann Taylor LOFT / If you wear a 10 in jcrew, you'd wear like a 12/14 in BCBG). [Can I just say that I hate when brands do that under-sizing?] Okay, I hope that helps. Oh, and they frequently have like 15%-off coupons in InStyle magazine.
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There's probably a ton of money to be made in designing clothing that actually fits women.
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Ha! There's a ton more and making clothing that doesn't. Bentley could make 50,000 cars a year, but then who would pay $500,000 for one? Studio 54 could let everyone get past the velvet rope, but then who would want to?
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I think it might be because of the boom in "stretch" fabrics. I've discovered that most of my favorite mall stores now sell only stretch pants, if they look like anything I'd ever where. Only old lady pants don't have the stretch fabric.

I'm boycotting new pants for skirts until the stores start selling clothes that fit me again. I'm not going to reward them with my dollar if they don't provide a product I actually want.
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In the last two years, nearly every (male) pair of trousers I've been able to get from the catalogs has been of Chinese manufacture. They may buy Malaysia's or South Africa's or the Philippines' export quotas, and hence be labeled as products of those nations, but they are coming from China.

And they do NOT FIT my white ass.
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But ikkyu2, being manufactured in China doesn't mean they're designed in China. My experience with clothing designers is that all the design and the sizing is done in the US. This comes from personal, in-house, observation at two former clients of mine.

(And what is it with the boot cut? They're trying that on the guy's side, too. It's getting to where the only non-boot-cut pants you can find are the kind with baby-elastic waistbands. And also: it's time for the pleated pant to die!)
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it's time for the pleated pant to die!

Seriously: I'm woried they're going to evolve into those balloony Elizabethan pantaloon things at the rate we're going. VIVA LA FLAT FRONT!

Also: women wearing black pants tucked into your boots and sort of bloused around the boot tops? You look like Star Trek crew members. Please stop.
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I realize it's a blatant plug, but stop by Express if you have them and try on an Editor pant. 2.5 million units sold in the last year, and they're not all manufactured in China.
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Who buys pleated pants? They look horrible on men and women.

The problem with American clothing is that they're made for one body type - a body that is 5'5". Even when I find something that fits halfway decent, they're too short and I'm only 5'8"!

Do I seriously have to go back to Italy to buy decent fitting clothes?

I'll check out Ann Taylor LOFT and Express. Thanks for the tips.
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i buy pleated pants.

they're stylin' ..

Levi's Action Slacks.

Best pair of pants ever, hands down.

And usually $2-3 at most.

Course, I don't know if they still make 'em.
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I wear pleated pants: they help prevent Dunlap's disease, which afflicts distinguished men in the prime of life.

"Help! I've got Dunlap's disease!"

"What's that?"

"My stomach dunlapped over my belt!"
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