OhDontForget to work on O2 in the UK...
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A previous thread recommended OhDontForget.com as a way of scheduling text messages to be sent to one's phone. Though the site makes reference to UK cellphone carriers, tests to my O2 phone have not worked, and the site says it is "currently only working in the US and partly in Canada". Does anyone know of a similar service that functions in the UK?
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You won't get anything to work through o2 I don't think. They used to have a free functioning email to sms gateway, but you now have to pay to enable it, and it charges you something like 10p per text received. I spent ages looking for a solution for using pingme.com

It's the same reason you can't get sms notifcations from twitter on o2.

O2 used to provide a free service which was yourmobile@mmail.net.

I do believe if you have o2broadband, you can enable the email to sms service for free...

I'd love to be wrong, but from my time searching, I haven't found a better solution.
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Response by poster: I do have O2 Broadband as it happens - do you know the URL I should be looking at?
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I apologize for not knowing anything about O2, but I have used RememberTheMilk.com for reminders that I had sent to my cell.....when I specify my cell carrier, they have a selection for O2, but I'm not sure if that would fix your problem or not.
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I just checked the site and it looks like O2 is support.
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I'm in Ireland and use Google Calendar reminders for this - I'm also on O2 but I'm not sure if it's different in the UK.
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If you login to your o2 account, there should be a link on that page I think...
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