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MedicalFilter: Sticky skin: I have been having stickyness of my skin for several months now - the skin of my hands, and the skin of my genitals, mostly around (under) the foreskin area (I am circumcised, but this causes the foreskin to roll up and 'stick' to the glans). It is not a wet stickyness; more of a tacky feel. This is something completely new and I can't find any information on it on the web. Any doctors in the house?
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Wow!, this question is open for some snarky answers; sticky hands and foreskin/glands area
I have been having stickyness of my skin for several months now
During these past months what has been the humidity in your location? Maybe higher than before?
After bathing/showing, try rinsing with cold-cold water to close your skin’s pores.
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Maybe it is an age thing - hot flashes.
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I Googled "sticky sweat" and got this, which might be a good starting point - it points out that there are different sorts of sweat glands, some of which produce stickier substances.

I also did a Medline search for "sticky skin" - the only things that revealed is that this can be a side-effect of certain acne and prostate cancer medicines.

It might be a fungal infection, too.

I'd go see a doctor, just for peace of mind and comfort of body. Good luck!
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i'm thinking it's sweat related too. Wash your hands more often, and try cotton, loose, boxers.
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Several months? See a dermatologist, please!
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on a sidenote: aren't US doctors (like lawyers) forbidden to give medical advice to strangers over the Internet, due to liability reasons etc?
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Yep - matteo is right. Even medical librarians, nurses, et al are expressly forbidden from doing so. And it's not just in the U.S. Apart from liability concerns, there are professional codes. To quote a health sciences librarian sitting nearby: "it's also just bad common sense. Please see a doctor."
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Looks like the "anonymous" option needs a "more inside" extension...
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