Which IM client should I choose?
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I'm thinking about finally using an instant messenger. Any suggestions on which I should choose? [MI]

I plan on using it very sparingly (no, really), but I'll need to be able to use it at work (Win98) and at home (Mac OS X.2).

Is there any discernable difference between clients? Do I need to worry about not being able to talk to users of a different system?
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Gaim is open source/multi-platform/multi-protocol and spyware-free.
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I suggest Trillian at work and Adium X at home, and sign up with AIM and/or Yahoo.
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Users of one IM network cannot, as a general rule, talk to users of another network. The only slight exception to this rule is AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), and ICQ, which are both really the same network, since AOL bought Mirabilis, the original creators of ICQ.

Since your home system is a Mac, it makes sense to choose iChat on that system, which you should find pre-installed in your Applications folder. However, by upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3, you will also be able to use iChat AV, which is a better, cooler version of iChat, that also happens to support audio and video. It's worth upgrading even if you don't want the AV functions, however.

iChat uses the AIM network, and lets you talk to AIM users as well as other iChat users, and also ICQ users. You can grab AIM for your Windows box here.
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Use the IM client that all your friends use, so that you can speak to them and there is an actual point to it. Or use Trillian, which can connect to all networks, and IRC.
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also a trillian fan.

at work you probably want to turn off the logs, which are on by default.
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like everyone else says, you need to use all of them. Some people use AIM, others MSN, and still others use Yahoo!. Very few non-spammers use ICQ anymore, but some do. Adium and Fire are both nice on OS X. Trillian works well in Windows.

Financial service companies, and anyone under a court order to retain documents, will record all your IM conversations regardless of whether you have logging on or off.
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I'm not concerned about logging. I'm going to be on so irregularly, it seems silly to set up multiple accounts, so it sounds like Trillian is the one for me.

Thanks everybody. I heart AskMe.
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You still have to set up multiple accounts with Trillian, you can just access them all with one client.
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I use AIM with AIMutation on top of it, that or DeadAIM is cool, but DeadAIM is like $5 now. But that's because ALL my friends are on AIM, so there's no point in really accomodating other protocols.
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On MacOSX, Proteus and Fire are excellent multi-protocol messenger clients.

Both are based on the GAIM libraries, and neither does well with attachments or do audio/video chat.

But, if you like to see all of your contacts from all of the services in one list, they (like trillian on the PC) are the way to go.
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Adium X for the Mac is a good Trillian-like option which I have been enjoying. The speech feature is a lot of fun too as it will read what you type, what your "buddy" types or both. Hillarity ensues.
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Adium X is one of the best apps I've ever used. I love that damn thing.

Never really got into Trillian on the PC, though.
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I second GAIM. You can even make it secure with the gaim-encrytion plugin.
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I... fourth? AdiumX. Fantastic support and very customizeable.
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