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Would anyone be able to help me uncover remnants of a 1999 era blog called Evol Star or something to that effect? Details inside.

The blog was before the height of LiveJournal and MySpace, and it was run by two girls who may or may not have lived in Texas. I always assumed they were roommates. There interests seemed to drift between the Gorillaz, Noam Chomsky, design, and, again, maybe Texas. The girls were hip and featured quite a few photos of themselves and their flat on the website.

There were quite a few introspective, twentysomething styled posts about adult life and that sort of thing, and I, much younger at the that, always thought their blog was the coolest thing out there. Any chance anyone knows what happened to these women?

Google, the Wayback Machine, and MySpace have failed me. My Google-Fu is decent enough, and I would think, given the content that I remember, that these two would have kept on with their internet lives.
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If it was 1999, it wasn't myspace. It might have been something runnning slashcode or scoop, or possibly a very early livejournal or xanga account.

But its possible that internet fame was something the authors no longer wanted. Jennifer Ringley (of JenniCam fame) has enjoyed quitting, saying:

I really am enjoying my privacy now. I don't have a web page; I don't have a MySpace page. It's a completely different feeling, and I think I'm enjoying it.
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Best answer: The site was (long defunct) and the girls were named Laureen and Holli. I think that they were from Dallas. Cursory googling turns up Holli's derelict deviantart page. Wayback Machine link.

I'm frightening myself now, so I'm going to stop.
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Best answer: Yes! Thank you!
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