We won't be needing your banana stickers! We have found out that you can just, you know, buy psychological validation, so...
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Help! I need banana stickers!

Specifically, I need Metalocalypse-type banana stickers.

I have seen these and these on Amazon.com, but they only contain 8 banana stickers apiece, and that's just no fun.

Also, they're kinda small.

I've also tried googling "banana stickers" but I've only come up with banana sticker collections or banana stickers that don't look like the banana stickers on the show.

Anyone know where I could order banana stickers that look like the ones shown on Metalocalypse?

Many as-of-yet to-be-surprised College Students would thank you!!
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You could buy sticker paper and then print all the bananas you like!
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Best answer: I went through this search about a year and a half ago. Seriously, the episode aired and I went crazy looking for them. This chick I was dating at the time wanted them and oh, of course, Cubey's going to go looking. For, you know, validation.

A friend found a packet at Michaels craft store...you have to throw out the monkey stickers and concentrate on the bananas, but there is a very a good proportion of bananas:monkey on this one page. It is a little cheaper, for more, slightly smaller bananas. Any craft store that has a lot of 'scrapbooking' crap will have enough stickers to at least go through.
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Best answer: This is the brand I got.
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Response by poster: This is Mr. Point n Click -

We're going on a road trip and we thought it'd be fun to be able to dole (ha! dole...banana...get it? nevermind) them out as people get progressively crankier.

We were hoping that we'd be able to get them pre-printed because they're sure to be strewn everywhere and I'd feel bad if my wife had to individually cut out hundreds of banana stickers just for them to thrown around willy-nilly.
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Take yourself to Michaels. In the scrapbook section they have 2 WHOLE aisles dedicated to stickers. No kidding.
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Oh my goodness, I was doing the same search a few days ago, and too decided that Michael's would be my best bet. That or Joann's, since they have a large scrapbooking aisle as well. Good luck!
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