Have You Heard of this Thai Pop Music Band?
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Back in '95 while I was in Thailand on a movie shoot, one of the locals on the crew was playing some bubble gum-sounding Thai pop music I found kind of catchy. I would like to find it again, but I don't know what it was. I asked him the name of the band at the time and he said what I took to be either Mister Moss or Mister Mars. Either way, I can't find it. Does it ring a bell?
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Best answer: Maybe Mos? You can listen to the samples. If not exactly that, there's plenty of other catchy Thai bubble gum pop there, like China Dolls or Bird Thongchai (Bird is very popular).
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Response by poster: I'll check it out; thanks!
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Response by poster: I enjoyed this boingboing post on these Western singers 'Jonas and Kristy' singing Thai music.

And the comments to that post suggested an interesting LA band, Dengue Fever, that claims an intriguing mix of influences.
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