Pocket Bikes in the East Bay?
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Where can I rent a "pocket bike" for the day in the Bay Area?

I'm looking for one of these to use as a prop in a photo. I've called a few scooter places but either they only sell them or have no idea what I'm talking about (I'm not sure if "pocket bike" is the right term, they're like miniature motorcycles). I'm in Oakland so East Bay preferred, but I can go over to the city to get one if I have to.
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I wouldn't say you want to rent the bike; that implies that you'll want to ride it. You just want to take pictures of it, and I wouldn't be surprised if a dealer would let you borrow a bike for free if they get a credit ("Bike provided by XYZ Scooter Co.").
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Response by poster: This is for a personal project, not a job, so it's not going to be published anywhere or otherwise I'd offer that.
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Pocket bike is the right term but I think that fad is fading away. They also are basically impossible to ride legally anywhere in CA except private land which means you'll probably not find any for rent.

I'd ask on craig's list if I couldn't borrow one from a dealer.
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If I needed one for a shoot I'd just find a dealer and tell them what I wanted to do. I expect you'll find somebody who'll let you borrow or rent one very inexpensively.

Especially if you don't plan to start it up, I think this would be easy.

It's possible they'd want to charge your credit card for it but would agree to issue a full credit when you return it in the same condition it was when you took it out.

FIY, Pep Boys sells these in my locale.
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