What to use to get stickers off of RAM sticks?
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I have a shoebox full of RAM sticks that I want to make some art out of. What should I use to soak the stickers off?

That's pretty much it; lots of obsolete desktop and laptop RAM modules that would look nice covering the fridge or a file cabinet (I'm thinking glue gun & minimagnets). But I want to get all the manufacturer's adhesive stickers off cleanly, without discoloring or otherwise dissolving the modules themselves.

Anyone recommend a solvent or favorite goop?
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I've had great success removing stickers with "Goo Gone". Never tried it on RAM, but I doubt there would be any problems.
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You can peel the stickers off and Zippo lighter fluid (or Ronsonol or something similar) does wonders for disintegrating the sticker goo. It shouldn't discolor anything.
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If you have any PC100/133 laptop memory that is >256 can you memail me :)
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Old RAM chips make excellent keychains.
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Seconding Goo Gone.

Apply, rub, and then let it sit for about 10 mins. The stick and all the residue will come right off.
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Lighter Fluid, much better than Goo Gone in my opinion.
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Naptha. It's cheap, removes stickiness quickly, and evaporates away, leaving you nothing to clean up. I think it's the same thing as lighter fluid, but is much cheaper and comes in bigger cans.
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2nd camworld. I have an ancient 30 pin stick that is on my keychain right now.

but yeah, either lighter fluid or goo gone will do the job.
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rubbing alcohol, the higher the percentage the better (90% +). Do a sample test first.

I've never tried letting a sticker soak in this stuff, because i usually use it to remove glue residue. Worth a try though.

But in all honesty...goo gone is your best bet.
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Best answer: If you want to play it ultra safe to start with I'd use a heat gun before using chemical. You're not worried about heat damage to the internals of the chips since they'll never be used again.

On the chemical side of things, I second using a solvent like light fluid. Goo gone is great, but there seems to be some oil in it and I always have the hardest time getting the residue off.
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