What sort of bag am I looking for?
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What sort of bag am I looking for? Over-the-shoulder, big enough for a laptop but without padding, no messenger-bag flap.

For the last several years I've been carrying my laptop (and other stuff) in a bag that's on its last legs. I'm looking to replace it with a similar one but can't find anything like it.

The bag I have now is from Eddie Bauer but has apparently been discontinued. It's a lot like a laptop bag but doesn't have any padding, so it's very light and flexible (and very thin when empty, though capable of expanding quite a bit to hold stuff). It has a handle for hand-carrying but also a shoulder strap.

What I like about it is that all the pockets are only closed by zippers, so they can be easily opened while standing without having to undo any hooks or deal with any flaps (like a messenger bag).

Is there a particular style of bag I should be looking for? A company that sells bags like this?

(PS: I'm male, so I'd want something that doesn't look like a purse.)
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Tumi has lots of options.
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Waterfield has tons of options. I have one bag and two sleevecases from them, and they are incredibly functional and well-made.
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Targus has some like this. I've been using this one daily for a few years and it's still in great condition. The only thing is that the inside is lined in pink faux suede which might be too feminine for you.
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Acme makes great bags like this (here or here (Amazon)).
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Rudsak makes really nice, plain leather messenger bags in the $200 range. Unfortunately I can't deep-link into the site as it's all stupid Flash animation, but go into the Women's Handbags section and find the North/South Messenger Bags and the Raw Edge Messenger Bags (you'll have to scroll over to the right to see this model).

They're really good-looking bags: classic, plain and unisex, despite being categorized as women's. I use one for my laptop and get a ton of compliments on it.
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May be close... I use one of these for all my transportation needs. Holds lots of stuff and is pretty nice.
Note that the laptop goes vertically, and it won't hold a 17" laptop and close properly, but other than that, I love it
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Hey, folks, it says no messenger-bag flap, which means a messenger bag won't work.

Rudsak does have a zip-close top-entry bag, though, the "laptop bag" in Men's Handbags.
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Try crumplerbags.com . They have several good ideas.
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Small hijack--I love the Rudsak bags but it looks like they only retail in Canada. Does anyone know of an online shop that carries the bags? Danke!
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I like my Crumpler, although it does have a flap. You might want to check-out Built bags, though. I've seen a couple of the Built bags in person. They're very sturdy and comfortable.
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