Bangkok stay, recomendations.
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Wheres somewhere great and cheap to stay for a couple of days at the beginning and ending of ten days in Bangkok, Thailand?

Im heading out to Kou Tau to see my friend between these periods so getting between the train station and airport is the only real factor, other than it being cheap to moderate. What would you recomend?

(I know this has been asked before and Ive looked, but its been a while)
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We stayed in the older part of the city @

It's a small boutique hotel down a side alley and it the staff is great.
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Suk 11 is a funky little hostel quite close to the Nana BTS Station.
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I've stayed at Silom Serene before. It's a really nice hotel, a little more expensive than the previous answers. It's in the same area as Patpong, which I found to be interesting and fun. It's not on the direct line to the station, but it's within a couple of minutes walk to a BTS Skytrain station, which connects to the airport line. I didn't use this method to get to the airport, so not sure how long that would take, but it's handy for getting about otherwise in the city itself.
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We loved Queen Lotus - Great, safe neighborhood, right on the BTS skytrain, very far away from the backpacker's ghetto, it ran us maybe... 40USD/night back last summer before the tourist crunch hit, friendly excellent staff that started to recognize us and would vault across the lobby to race us to open the door or race us to push the elevator button, includes your choice of Western (eggs with fish sauce) or Eastern (fried seafood rice with fish sauce) breakfast. It's not super close to the airport but it was easy to get in a taxi and go. We used it as our base in Asia, so there was a lot of going back and forth to the airport and we never had problems.
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Golden House Chitlom - cheap, near food loft and the BTS (skytrain) and right next door is the best massage parlour ever.
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I'm staying at currently and love it, much like above cheap, near food places and a BTS stop, bonus points for good security, and wi-fi!
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I very much enjoyed the Atlanta hotel. Soi 2 off Sukhumvit Road. It's near to the skytrain, which connects to the subway, which goes right to the train station.

Distinctive lobby, inexpensive, good cheap restaurant and definitely worth a look. It's a couple of blocks from a seedy area, and they have a sign out front that says "sex tourists not welcome."

Not as fancy as a big new hotel, but clean, quiet and much nicer than a lot of budget hotels I have seen.
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