What's good today in Chelsea?
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NYC-filter: Taking a friend to art galleries around Chelsea this afternoon. Anything specific that should we not miss?
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This is almost entirely subjective. Please see:

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The Whitney, which is unfortunately not in Chelsea, has an excellent show of Eggleston's photographs. Eggleston was the first color photographer to have a show at the MOMA.
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Today is monday, you sure the galleries you plan on visiting are open? Because they might not be.
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The Whitney is closed Mondays (and Tuesdays) as, sadly, are many Chelsea galleries. Is it possible to wait a day?
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Zaha Hadid has an exhibit in Chelsea going on.
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Whoops, my bad. The Hadid exhibit ended already.
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The Guggenheim is open on mondays. There is a Catherine Opie exhibit there.
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Response by poster: Looks like a lot of them are, in fact, closed. A bad day to do this, I think. Thanks for the suggestions!
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The Catherine Opie show at the Gugg is good, just skip the first floor of it and go to the 2nd and 3rd floors. I've seen it twice now.

The DKS list
is what I use to navigate gallery shows. As you can see, not a lot happens on Mondays since that is the traditional closed day for galleries.

The MOMA is also open on Mondays, and the Pipplotti Rist piece is exciting to see, if only to observe how people interact with the giant red donut and weird pillows.
The Marlene Dumas show is also really good if you go (but a little depressing).
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