This has been bugging me since I first forgot about it..
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So there was this crazy, inappropriate, at-the-time-considered-pornographic Mac game I used to play in 6th grade when I would nab it from unsecured Rutgers FTP servers.

My middle school was lucky enough to be wired into the internet, considering this was 1991 that is pretty cool. Even if all it amounted to was a lot of kids being frustrated trying to use Gopher to find anything and spending 10 minutes trying to keep the teacher from looking while you downloaded a Christina Applegate lookalike spread eagle GIF image.

But there was this game that we found, and once it was on a disk it spead like wildfire and eventually was banned and all students who had a copy were suspended. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a sort of point and click adventure game.

It resembled a Point And Click adventure game, but it was not.

The beginning may or may not have involved Mr. Rogers trolley that led to imaginationland.

If you typed "Shit." then a pile of shit would appear on the screen and would fight you. You would always lose against your own shit, effectively losing the game for you.

If you ran into a woman, you could rape her by typing Rape Woman. She would get naked, scream, and I think you ended up in jail. Game Over.

This is all I can really remember. It may have been called "Psychotic", but I honestly have no clue.

Hive mind help?

It was a MAC game, played on Mac Classics. The rooms were single cards with no animations to speak of. It resembled a Hypercard stack, but probably wasn't.
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It was probably created with World Builder. There were a bunch of crappy games created with that system on public FTP servers around that time. I doubt the one you saw was well-known outside of your middle school.
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(Even though World Builder was oriented towards point-and-click, I'm pretty sure it included the ability to have text command entry.)
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It was created with World Builder, I can almost guarantee that.
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Leisure Suit Larry?
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Seconding WorldBuilder, but it might also have been a Hypercard stack? There was a guy named Robert Carr who created all kinds of off-the-wall games at that time like MacJesus and Rupture the Rapture and F*CK EM! In fact, your game might even be this last one, but maybe not. If you could find a current email address for Robert Carr, you might email him and ask. He may know of the game you're asking about, or may have even written it.
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That sure sounds a lot like Leisure Suit Larry to me, or maybe a copy of it.
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LLL definitely didn't have any kind of "rape woman" command.
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The first thing I thought of was Leather Goddesses of Phobos, but that was a text game and not graphical (though it did feature "scratch 'n sniff").
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The name "Psychotic" sounds right to me... we had a similar game except it was included on a CD-ROM disc of Mac shareware back in 1990. Which was really annoying, because at the time you couldn't just re-burn the disc with the shareware you wanted. The CD-ROM drive was pretty expensive as it was. So that one ended up in the locked drawer, available by request.
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We had this in our junior high school too, until we got busted. I think it was called Psychotic. It wasn't Leisure Suit Larry, we played those too.
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Ah yes, the game in question is definitely Psychotic: Chapter One The Escape
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