Elderly Snowboard Conundrum
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Attn Experienced Snowboarders: How do I find bindings for this snowboard?

Here's the problem: we went to buy bindings for this thing, and were told that it was out of date, and they didn't make bindings for it anymore. (The holes are too wide apart for the new bindings.) It's a Morrow Rail, and here are two pics. The problem is that we don't really know what to look for in order to make it usable/find the right used bindings, and we really *really* need to save money if we can. (Yeah, I got this one on Freecycle, but I didn't know getting the bindings was going to be so hard.)

So, can anyone give me any guidance on how to find used bindings for this snowboard?
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The hole pattern on the snowboard looks like what I remember from my snowboarding days ten years ago. So, I am guessing that many older bindings would work on it. I'm surprised that the folks at the shop that you went to couldn't give you any advice. Maybe if you tried a different shop (especially one that specializes in snowboards or even better specializes in snowboards and sells used gear). I tried googling "morrow rail bindings" and came up with some craigslist ads and such that had your board being sold with bindings on it (morrow A1 bindings, ride step-in bindings, liquid bindings, etc) so I reckon those would work if you could find any of those. Also, make sure that your boots will work with whatever bindings you get--I think this is only an issue if you are planning to use step-in boots with step in bindings...you will obviously need compatible gear.
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I very much doubt you will have any luck with bindings; Morrow stopped making boards (and bindings, natch) with that hole pattern in 1995. Snowboarding is definitely an industry that embraces the new, and everyone pretty much breathed a sigh of relief when they no longer had to buy Morrow bindings in order to ride a Morrow board. The only option you have is to haunt used gear sites.
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Just so you know, Morrow continued to make Rail boards even when they discontinued the old hole pattern, so don't assume any Morrow Rail will have compatible bindings for your board.
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One small possibility is that Clicker bindings might have been compatible with old Morrows. Clickers are no longer manufatured, but you can still find stores selling NOS boots and bindings, and tons of rental places used the system, so if they sell off stock, you might be OK with Clickers. Since you have to use Clicker boots with Clicker bindings, you have to get both. I would call an established rental place and see if they know whether clicker bindings worked with old school Morrows.
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It looks like oneirodynia is correct "4 x 4 Hole pattern - The nearly standard four by four hole pattern will be on all of our ‘96/97 boards. We changed from the Morrow 8 x 5 because we wanted to accommodate a variety of manufacturers’ bindings. “We don’t want to exclude anyone from riding the best snowboards made, just because of their binding make” said company founder Rob Morrow." from here. That does not bode well for finding a compatible binding. I would still try taking it to a snowboard shop if that is possible for you....if you can find someone older (read over 30) working there they might have some old binding that would work lying around in their garage. Worth a shot. Best of luck to you.
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i would recommend that you google around for some snowboard forums and post your question/request there. you'd have more luck with finding snowboarders who could help you or direct you to get help.
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I think you might be looking for baseless bindings. Good luck finding them though, haven't seen them in years and there were none on eBay.
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