How to find out about clothing sales?
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How do I find out about sales at clothing stores?

How do you find about about clothing sales if you rarely go to the mall? I need to buy (inexpensive) casual clothes but I don't have the time or patience to go to the mall every few weeks and look for sales. Except for major events like Labor Day, they don't seem to publicize sales. Is there somewhere I should be looking (preferably online) that will tell me what kind of deals I can get and when?

As an alternative, what stores carry cheap men's clothing similar in price/style to Old Navy?
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Go to the websites for stores you like and sign up for the mailing lists. I usually find out about sales a few days in advance and sometimes they will give you extra discounts.

If it's an independent store, you can ask if they have a mail or phone list.

I use to find out about sales, too, but I think that's just for Canada. Not sure.
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Almost all major chain stores have websites, and they'll definitely advertise their in-store sales online (often they'll even offer an extra coupon for their web visitors). Just google for the sites of the stores that are in your mall.
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You could look at, and you can also restrict the search only to brick and mortar stores if you wanted.

If you read the paper I would check for Dillards ads when the have their extra 40 to 50% off all permanently reduced prices. Sometimes it's only 30%, but at least 3 times a year it's 50% (and it was on New Years Day). Between those sales and Old Navy is where I get almost all of DH's clothes.

Also I saw that Target has a lot of men's clothes 50% off (in at least in our store); I didn't stop to see what type though.
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Yep, just register with any of the chains and you'll get constant emails of in-store and web sales, usually with extra coupons, web offers, etc. Also, if you're ordering anywhere online, it's always worth it to google "promotional codes" or "coupon codes" + the name of the store.
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I throw away tons of clothing store sales ads every week from my Sunday newspaper.
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Also if you are looking for inexpensive clothing, try a thrift store. The prices there will beat even the lowest new clothes sales prices. Thrift stores run by churches from the richer neighborhoods have the best stuff.
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For an offline solution, if you pick up the Sunday paper, it'll have ads for most stores that are running week long sales. The Wednesday paper will sometimes have weekend sales flyers.

Slick Deals also works for keeping track of sales.
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Sign up for the email lists for the stores you're interested in, they'll most definitely give you a heads up on sales.
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A useful way I've found to keep all those newsletters out of my inbox is iStorez. Sign up there, add your stores, and login whenever you want to check out their latest emails.
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2nding Slick Deals. For cheap yet fashionable men's clothes I was going to suggest H&M, but it appears they don't have one near where you live... keep an eye out for it if you travel, because it's totally worth it.
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