Audio editing on OSX
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Audio editing on OSX: I have a 30 minute long .aiff file that I'd like to break into separate tracks and convert to mp3. I know that iTunes can handle the .aiff -> .mp3 conversion. Is there software that can do the 1 .aiff -> 6 .aiffs part? Or one that can do 1 .mp3 -> 6 .mp3s if I do the conversion first?
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You can do that in QuickTime... not sure if you need the Pro version or not. You can also do it with Peak.
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If you have iLife, you can do it using GarageBand. The process is a bit tedious, but it will get the job done. For each of the six output tracks, do this:
- create a new song; tempo and key are irrelevant
- create a plain audio track using "New Basic Track" on the Track menu (you won't need the stock "Grand Piano" track)
- drag your AIFF file onto the track
- move the triangle pointer to wherever you want the track to begin; select "Split" from the Edit menu
- delete the chunk to the left of the split point
- move the triangle pointer to wherever you want the track to end; select "Split" again
- delete the chunk to the right of the split point
- slide the remaining chunk all the way back to the beginning of the song
- select "Export to iTunes" from the File menu.
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Best answer: Could be wrong but I think Audacity will handle AIFFs and work like a charm for your needs. It's a free download, anyway, so you don't have much to lose.
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I believe Audion will let you cut up a big mp3 into several little ones, too.
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I recommend QT Pro. Open the big AIFF, select your first chunk using the little slider things, copy, open new document, paste... IMPORTANT: export as AIFF, not save as MOV.
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Best answer: iTunes can do the splitting.

Bring the big AIFF into iTunes, get info on it, and click the Options button. Change the stop and start times to reflect where you want 'Part 1' to begin and end. Now when you convert it to MP3, it will only convert the part you selected. Go back to the big AIFF and change the start and stop times, convert again, lather, rinse, repeat.
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Audacity will be either simpler or more precise (or both) than any of the other suggestions.
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Another vote for Audacity. I don't use it for much, but it will handle your task easily and quickly. Highlight a selection and choose "Save Selection As.."
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