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Ever see a kids' bunny like this? Have any information on where to get one?

Can you help out? Ever seen something like this? It's a flat rabbit.

Full and more details here.

I don't know this person other than to follow them on twitter, but someone else I know now wants one of these.
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Man, this one is really really close but not quite the same.
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lots of companies make them. search for baby blanket stuffed animal bunny. i went to images to grab these. watch out for a brand called li'l sleeper - they had theirs recalled last year.

various animals
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Hah, it never occurred to me to come to Ask.Mefi. I guess that's what long-term Twitter usage does to you.

Thanks cjorgensen!
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This one is really close too. I did a search for cuddle bunny blanket, my daughter loved hers.
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They're called blanket buddies. My kids both had one very similar to the one the OP posted, but it had a white head and its blanket/body was a pastel plaid. They're great to use as a mini security blanket to take on car trips, etc. If I remember correctly, both of mine were purchased in the baby section at Sears, but this was at least 16 years ago (the age of my youngest).
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Response by poster: No problem, ivey. You just let me know who gets best answer. I'll give out my own favorites. Actually, I kind of like all the links so far. The pictures on these sites are a bit "meh." So are any of these the right ones?

The animals in the "various animals" link are frightening!
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Best answer: They're called Doudou (in french) and the company Kaloo makes a lot of them. Here's a source with a bunch of bunny ones that might be close.
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it doesn't look like a blanket it looks more like a suckling or teething toy my niece had when she was an infant too you to really hold onto a doll yet. check out some of these other flat critters with the edges knotted
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er...too young to really hold onto a doll yet....sorry margaritas...
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I've heard them called Loveys, just in case that helps.
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Someone at Etsy makes a similar one and could probably duplicate yours if asked.
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Oooh, otherworldlyglow got there before me. I was just popping in to say that I've seen the term "lovey" used for these things.

These look similar in style to yours (I noticed the same-color embroidery) but not a match.
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Yes, lovey and doudou are common names for this thing.
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I found a few, like these guys, for example, or this one, but none are as charming as flat bunny. This elephant maybe comes closest in the charm department.
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When you find one you're looking for, buy two so you can get them into the washer occasionally!
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Update: Flat Bunny came from a store in the UK called Boots. We're hoping to have confirmation of another one sometime tomorrow.
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Update 2: It's from a brand called "Mini Mode" that appears to only be sold in Boots. We've found one on eBay, and here's another one.
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Update 3: Flat Bunny stunt double has arrived. Thanks to everyone for helping track her down!
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